The Green Heart of Kenya is a regenerative town and productive landscape across 750 acres in Kilifi, on the coast of Kenya.

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Our vision is to provide an example for East Africa and the world for how development can have a positive impact on natural ecosystems and local communities, while also supporting the economy and driving profit.


To achieve this, our mission is to develop the sustainable infrastructure, utilities and services required to host and support profitable, low-carbon and inclusive businesses across real estate and nature-based solutions.


By 2027, we aim to have mobilised US$ 100 million directly into the Green Heart of Kenya development to support up to 50 sustainable businesses, 500 affordable homes and  ~500 acres of regenerative agriculture. Through this, we will create up to 8,000 decent jobs and be contributing US$ 50 million each year to Kenya’s GDP.

Four Principles underpin everything we do.




To nurture & support replicable & scalable companies that demonstrate innovative & profitable business models that drive positive social & environmental impact.




To mandate international employment standards, upskilling, community outreach & inclusive value chains to ensure all people have fair & equal access to opportunities.



To ensure that the Green Heart of Kenya produces a yearly profit, and that the enterprises that it incubates are financially stable. 



To conserve & regenerate natural ecosystems, increase biodiversity, ensure sustainable consumption & production & have a net-positive impact on the environment.


Our strong value proposition to investors, developers and tenants is built on three main selling points


Experienced Partners

Local operators: Successful operators of businesses in region since early 1960s

Sister SEZ development: Kilifi Eco-Park, with Special Economic Zone licence, being supported by TradeMark East Africa

Seed capital:  Fede Pirzio-Biroli, Founder of Playfair Capital

Project development: Savo  Project Developers

Design & planning: MASS Design Group


Prime Location

Export/import: Only ~1-hour drive from Mombasa, East Africa’s primary shipping port

Existing activity: Has a range of business activity on the site and within the vicinity

Raw inputs: Has access to abundant agricultural and marine resources 

Human capital: Near a large working population that is responsive to training

Natural beauty: Surrounded by rich and diverse terrestrial and marine ecosystems



Unencumbered title: Land secured and privately owned by Green Heart of Kenya partner, the Wilson family

Development-ready: ~80% of land is levelled and ready to be developed

Utility and infrastructure access: Early-movers can have immediate road and utility access

Attractive offering: Attractive rates being offered to early-bird tenants and developers


We aim to have significant impact across the triple bottom line



8,000 decent jobs

500 affordable homes

10,000 people with healthcare

50,000 smallholders supported



50 low-carbon businesses

2,000 hectares mangroves planted

15,000 hectares of ocean protected

15,000 hectares of land regenerated



US$ 250m in FDI

50 profitable businesses

15-20 %  IRR to investors

US$ 50m to GDP each year

Green Heart of Kenya Integrated Masterplan

Nodes of community and industry – connected by the amenity of a shared and productive landscape – create a dynamic and resilient environment with growth and change in mind. 

To find out more about opportunities to invest or become a tenant please contact

Lachie Gordon Athié
Director, Project Manager
Green Heart of Kenya


The Green Heart of Kenya

Kilifi Plantations

Kilifi town